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Barcode Central

December. 20, 2016 - Barcode Central Released

Sonoran Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our latest product, BarcodeCentral.

Barcode Central is a front end inventory management module for our ArTrac G5, SEM FMS, SEM OSS, SEM Front Desk, and Sierra Vista product lines. In an upcoming release, Barcode Central will support integration to other 3rd party inventory management systems.

Barcode Central is a multi-site, multi-vendor barcode scanning and inventory management application. It provides support for regional, state, market, and site inventory management, easy scanning of items in and out of inventory, easy moving of inventory from the warehouse to fleet vehicle to customer delivery. It automatically calculates markup from cost to retail price, contractor discounts, inventory disposition, item descriptions wth images, first source through last source vendor information, inventory reconciliation, multi-site inventory searches to see which sites have an item in stock, manual adjustments to inventory or inventory information, management quality reports on items who’s quantity falls below stocking thresholds, and much more.

Barcode Central is designed to work with a traditional keyboard and mouse or, in the case of dusty warehouse environments, it offers a well laid-out touch screen user interface.

Barcode Central supports all barcodes supported by your scanners. Additionally, Barcode Central has been rigorously tested with most popular hand held scanners and several iPhone and Android barcode scanning apps, which can significantly reduce your investment into barcode scanners.

Barcode Central is attractively priced to fit your budget, whether you are a small startup company, small business, or a large business that inventories millions of items at thousands of sites.

Full turnkey systems with hardware or software only packages are available.

Spreadsheet Central

October. 18, 2016 - Spreadsheet Central Released

Sonoran Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our latest in the SEM, ArTrac G5, and Sierra Vista product line - Spreadsheet Central.

Create, Edit, Print, and Share your Spreadsheets from your Desktop or Mobile Device and access them from anywhere in the world.

Spreadsheet Central is an Excel inspired 100% web browser based module that allows you to create, edit, print, and share your spreadsheets from your desk or from any mobile device with a web browser. Spreadsheet Central provides a rich user interface to create, manage and convert spreadsheet files. Spreadsheet Central does not require Microsoft Excel to be installed on your computer or mobile devices.

Spreadsheet Central imports and exports Excel spreadsheets (XLS and XLSX), CSV, and TXT files, making it very very versatile in its ability to convert data formats.

Spreadsheet Central tightly integrates with our SEM, ArTrac G5, and Sierra Vista product lines. It can also be used as a stand alone web application. When integrated with our OSS and BSS products, you can set group permissions to grant or restrict access to spreadsheets for different user groups.

SOAP over HTTP(s)

June. 1, 2016 - SOAP/XML over HTTP/HTTPS Protocol Provider Released

Sonoran Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our SOAP/XML over HTTP/HTTPS protocol provider for our ArTrac G5, Sierra Vista, and Sonoran Enterprise Management (SEM) product lines.

SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) over HTTP/HTTPS is seeing rapid adoption by the IT, Telecommunications, and Wireless industries. With object brokering capabilities similar to CORBA, lower cost of implementation and back end ownership, cross platform compatibility, and easy configuration, many equipment vendors are implementing SOAP as an OSS interface. SOAP benefits as a W3C standard and has seen adoption as a 3GPP standard.

Unlike our competitors, who offer vendor specific “probes,” our design is configurable to support all vendors, making it much more cost effective. Additionally, our protocol provider supports all modes of open or encrypted authentication as well as HTTP and HTTP with SSL encryption (HTTPS) - the same secure encryption used by financial institutions for on-line banking.

SOAP makes use of strongly typed XML structures called “documents” to package data objects. Our SOAP/XML over HTTP/HTTPS design exposes the underlying XML document engine to support raw XML and custom XML name spaces to communicate with web services too, making our design very versatile and extensible.

Our ArTrac, Sierra Vista, and SEM product lines offer one of the most cost effective, reliable, robust, scalable, and flexible implementations of SOAP/XML over HTTP/HTTPS in the industry.

Rio Olympics 2016

Mar. 16, 2016 - Sonoran Systems and Cisco Systems Partner for the Rio Summer Olympics 2016

We are pleased to announce that Sonoran Systems, Inc., through our sister company tecINTEGRA, and Cisco Systems are partnering to build, operate, and manage the WiFi network for the Rio Summer Olympic 2016 games.

Cisco Systems will be building the WiFi network infrastructure and has selected Sonoran Systems’ ArTrac G5 network management system to monitor and manage their network during the Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil this year.

This announcement comes after months of close strategic planning between companies in concert with the Olympic Committee.

The WiFi network is designed to provide high speed and high capacity WiFi Internet services to the entire Olympic stadium and surrounding pavilions.

If you will be attending the Olympic games in Rio this summer, rest assured that your every e-mail, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook post, WEB browsing, and other Internet services will be world class and reliable with Cisco and Sonoran Systems' ArTrac G5 behind the scenes making it all work.

For more information, please use our contact form below and inquire.


Dec. 16, 2015 - WMI Polling Added to SEM

Sonoran Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce that we’ve added a new WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) polling protocol provider to the ArTrac G5 Network Operations platform, SEM Fault Management Suite (FMS), Operations Support Suite (OSS), and Remote Connection Manager (RemoteCM) products.

WMI polling can be used to periodically pull information such as software versions, resource capacities, resource utilization, performance metrics, anti-virus status, network interface configurations, and much more from computers and devices in your network .

WMI polling is available in the Advanced and Enterprise editions of the above listed products.

The addition of WMI polling to our product lines makes it possible to eliminate the need for separate 3rd party WMI specific platforms. It further enhances the SEM’s leadership as a fully consolidated and tightly integrated set of tools to embrace the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT).


Nov. 11, 2015 - SEM Product Line Now Available

Sonoran Systems, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of our new product line, Sonoran Enterprise Management (SEM). SEM presently consists of four product offerings:

SEM OSS will appeal to customers who need to manage their IT networks, and provide tools to manage their IT departments.

SEM FMS will appeal to customers who need to manage their IT networks but don’t need the additional tools to manage an IT department.

SEM Remote Connection Manager inexpensively extends the reach of your FMS or OSS product into multiple geographically distant local area networks. With RemoteCM, no unreliable and sometimes unworkable VPNs are needed.

SEM Front Desk will appeal to customers who’s business is customer focused and need to coordinate internal resources and work efforts to meet the needs and expectations of their customers but don’t need to manage an IT network. Note: If you need to manage an IT Network and customers, SEM OSS provides what you need.

Slated to release in 1Q 2017 is SEM Barcode Central, a comprehensive multi-site and multi-vendor barcode scanning and inventory management system with touch screen support.