SEM Fault Management Suite (FMS)

Rock Solid Reliable Network Monitoring

For most companies, network down time or service failures mean lost profits, lost customers, and lost opportunity. If you depend upon your network to provide services for your customers or rely upon it to conduct business then you need SEM FMS to quickly identify network problems and in many cases let you know before they become problems.

SEM FMS is our entry level, tightly integrated set of IT Enterprise class tools for your small business. It correlates customer, site, and vendor information, electronic documents, site inventory* with network status. SEM FMS uses advanced root cause analysis and correlation to help you focus on fixing problems and not just the symptoms, thereby minimizing down time and maximizing MTBF.

SEM FMS proactively monitors your network, web sites, servers, WiFi access points, routers, switches, media gateways, network traffic (including congestion and latency), network interfaces, quality of service and service level agreements, databases, environmental sensors, on-line stores, billing systems, credit card processing terminals, sales registers, radio towers, and literally any device that connects to your network and can report its status via the many W3C and legacy protocols supported by SEM FMS.

If you are a start-up business or small to medium sized business that doesn't need to manage an IT department then SEM FMS is the right suite for you. It lacks some of the department management features of our Operations Support Suite (OSS) but if your grow and need the additional features, don't be concerned. We provide a very affordable upgrade path to OSS. Your existing database is 100% compatible as OSS uses the same fault management modules and user interfaces. And, while there are a number of new management screens to learn, all of the screens you've become accustomed to in FMS are the same - you won't skip a beat.

SEM FMS is built upon the same software foundation of our very popular fortune 500 and fortune 1000 big business ArTrac G5 product line. Fault tolerant and disaster tolerant hot failover configurations are available.

SEM FMS is a 100% web browser based software suite and is available as pre-installed fully tested on a capable mini-server, all ready to serve you right out of the box or as software only.

* SEM FMS provides manual entry of inventory items. If you need to manage a large inventory and need a comprehensive barcode scanning and multi-site inventory management system, take a look at our SEM Barcode Central. It is designed to be an inventory management front end to SEM FMS, OSS, and Front Desk but can also operate as a stand-alone solution.

Three Editions of SEM FMS to Serve Your Needs

FMS - Standard

Includes basic SNMP Ver. 1, 2C, and 3 trap and notification monitoring, ICMP polling to verify network devices are available and to test routing and network latency, HTTP polling to monitor your web sites, SysLogD datagram listener for server log monitoring, Customer/Vendor/Site Information Management with integrated site inventory, Document Management, Dynamic, Chronological and Map based views of your network, automatic notification and much more. FMS supports all major browsers, tablets and mobile computing devices and is SOX, HIPAA, and PCI regulatory compliant.
SEM FMS on Tablet

Full support for tablets, smartphones and other web capable mobile devices.

SEM FMS on Monitors

Intuitive and neatly organized network status screens with user customizable layouts and views.

FMS - Advanced

Includes all the modules and features of FMS - Standard. Also includes WMI Polling, SNMP Polling by frequency, time offsets from the hour, absolute times of the day, and even astronomical time (sunrise / sunset with offsets and based on geo-coordinates - great for monitoring tower lights). Also supported are highly customizable statistical analysis templates, custom OIDs and MIB walking, polling of server services, cost saving support for bidirectional dynamic DNS addressing for network devices reachable only by cellular or satellite modem, resource monitoring, and much more.

Affordably manage just a few or thousands of network devices from within a single LAN or across many local or geographically distant networks. FMS can scale from very small to very large.

FMS - Enterprise

Includes all the modules and features of FMS - Standard and Advanced. Also includes NetFlow, JFlow, and IPFIX, UDP/IP listener, and support for streaming protocols such as BNSI, Telnet client and host, Raw Sockets, SSH, client and host and many legacy protocols. The optional Remote Connection Manager can be used to inexpensively extend monitoring to multiple remote networks using highly encrypted connectivity without the need for costly dedicated data circuits or full period VPNs.

Automatic event alerts sent to your e-mail and mobile devices. SEM FMS knows who to contact.

Mini Server

FMS can be purchased installed and tested in a small footprint mini-server. Fully ready to work.

Three Pricing Plans To Choose From

Subscription Based Per Network Element

With only a small up-front contract fee, you can rent SEM FMS as long as you need. This is ideal if you are a start-up company. At any time you can convert your rental plan to a Lease to Own or Perpetual License by paying the difference between your prorated rental and the plan of choice. Product support is included in the subscription price.

Prices start as low as $49 per month (software only). Preconfigured on capable hardware and delivered as a full turnkey solution is a little extra and will be quoted based on your requirements.

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Lease To Own

Similar to our subscription based pricing - only a small up-front lease contract fee is required to receive your SEM FMS. At the end of the lease term, the system is yours. Product support is included free for the lease term then offered at a very affordable cost annually thereafter.

Prices start as low as $1,645.00 total under a one year lease plan or $1,674.00 under a two (2) year lease plan (software only). Preconfigured on capable hardware and delivered as a full turnkey solution is a little extra and will be quoted based on your requirements.

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Perpetual License

Would you rather just buy your SEM FMS outright and forego monthly payments? You can do that too. Pay for your SEM FMS system and it is yours forever. Product support is included free for the first year then offered at a very affordable cost annually thereafter.

Prices start as low as $1,495.00 (software only). Preconfigured on capable hardware and delivered as a full turnkey solution is a little extra and will be quoted based on your requirements.

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