Our fifth generation Sonoran Enterprise Management product line is built from years of listening to our customer's needs.


Since the 1980's, Sonoran Systems has been designing buisness support and operations support products for the telecommunications, medical, and service industries.

Made In The USA

All of our products are designed and supported in-house here in the USA. We have five regional offices to serve you.


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Operations Support Suite (OSS)

Our premiere network management and operations support suite that provides everything you need to manage your diverse network and IT operations.

Fault Management Suite (FMS)

A suite of tightly integrated network management tools to proactively monitor your network, web sites, servers, WiFi, access points, routers, switches, media gateways, and much more.

Front Desk

A suite of front / help desk productivity tools to manage your customers, service personnel, vendors, fleet, assets, and inventory.

Barcode Central (available soon)

A comprehensive multi-site barcode scanning and inventory management stand-alone product or inventory front-end for FMS, OSS, and Front Desk.


Remote Connection Manager

Economically extend the capability of your SEM Operations Support Suite or SEM Fault Management Suite to monitor numerous geographically remote LANs without expensive and sometimes unworkable VPNs.

Barcode Scanners (available soon)

We've tested a number of USB and wireless scanners to work with Barcode Central. For one-stop shopping, you can purchase scanners from us or we can recommend models for you to purchase from your established vendors.

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