Sierra Vista Solution Suite

A Corporate Class Regulatory Compliance Solution for Wireless Operators

Sierra Vista is our high performance corporate class regulatory compliance and quality of service (QoS) tracking platform which provides a robust tool set for wireless operators.

Sierra Vista provides a newer holistic way of viewing network elements, their performance, and impact on customer quality of experience (QoE).

What if a customer calls you with a service problem, and you want to know:

  • What are all of the Network Elements involved in a service issue?
  • Given an issue with a particular network element, what are all of the services that are using that device?
  • What are all of the services riding on a particular technology?
  • If a particular service is experiencing customer complaints, is it being upgraded?
    • If so, when is the upgrade scheduled for completion?

Sierra Vista can perform searches on any number of search parameters and select any type of output file for the matches.

Query Templates are custom built for our customers.

Output files are custom built as well.

Queries can produce output files, or Zoom the map into the queried area, or both.

Queries can zoom the map into an area and show all of the associated sites that meet the search criteria such as:

  • Support a Service Type
  • Supported by a specific Switch
  • Use a specific Router or Trunk
  • Support a specific Technology
  • Etc...

Selecting a specific Site from the map results in Site Information being displayed. The content of the display can be customized to the user requirements.

Maps can be thematically shaded to reflect any type of status such as:

  • Build-out Status
  • PSAP, E911, N11 and * Services Operational Status
  • PSAP, E911, N11 and * Services Compliance Status
  • Etc...

Visually compare tests and compliance status using well organized and informative graphs.

Sierra Vista automatically updates its agency related status database tables from several information and service providers.

Sierra Vista can operate stand-alone as a comprehensive QoS, QoE and regulatory compliance platform. Add our ArTrac G5 Network Management tools to Sierra Vista to identify affected devices associated with a service issue automatically and perform Root Cause Analysis (RCA) so that your network operations team can focus on only the root causes of the service issue. The result is a revolutionary, highly efficient, and proactive approach to identifying and resolving service issues.

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